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Congratulations from other groups

Over the past 20 years we have worked with and collaborated with many other organisations working towards ending animal suffering.

We were touched to receive congratulations on our 20th anniversary from the following brilliant groups!

“Since its inception, Viva!’s campaigning has been marked by dynamism, boldness and creativity. This has been its approach whether exposing the brutal reality of animal farming or the wider costs relating to human health, the environment and global hunger. It has made a special point of appealing  to young people because, self-evidently, if we’re going to make a better future, we must change the hearts and minds of the young. Animal Aid congratulates Viva! for the marvellous work it has done these past 20 years.”

Andrew Tyler, Animal Aid



“As a vegan myself I am delighted to congratulate Viva! on their 20th Anniversary. The work that Viva! does in exposing the hidden truths of animal welfare abuses and bringing these to the forefront of the public’s mind is exemplary, and long may it continue. Happy Anniversary Viva!”

Philip Mansbridge, Care for the Wild







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