Claire Morley, campaigns assistant & campaign manager’s PA | Viva!

Claire Morley, campaigns assistant & campaign manager’s PA

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What I do

I started at Viva! In summer 2010 and can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be. Working for Viva! enables me to create the most change that I possibly can for animals, during my working time and outside of hours at our vegan events and days of action.

I organise the Incredible Vegan Roadshows, of which we have held over 30 since 2004! I have been lucky enough to organise the last seven of these and we have more planned! I love the day itself because you get to meet some fantastic Viva! supporters and also make a massive difference to animals by providing free information, food , campaigns materials, talks and cookery demos.

I have many other tasks at Viva! including sending out of packs to schools; bringing veganism and life saving information to young people, I organise school speakers to attend schools, manage the Viva! twitter account, assist the campaigns manager and director, help them with investigations and other jobs such as basic book keeping, processing donations, subscriptions and the like.

Working at Viva!

Not only do I get to be part of a movement for change I also get to work with some pretty awesome people! All of my colleagues are vegan and passionate about creating change. It’s very inspiring to be in such a positive environment aimed at saving animals.

I went vegan because...

I went vegan when I was a teenager, I was handed a Viva! leaflet in the street about dairy. It explained the absolute horrors of the dairy industry, over-worked cows, impregnated year after year, calves removed and killed. I was utterly shocked and went vegan straight away. So you can imagine how honoured I feel to be part of a team that really does make a difference.

My favourite vegetable...

My favourite vegetable or maybe it’s a fruit?... all I know is that if it’s from an animal I don’t eat it!... has to be avocado. They’re very filling so if I ever feel like chocolate when I’ve already eaten too much, I’ll have an avocado instead!