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Christmas Veganiser - make your favourites vegan!

Challenge Viva!'s Cookery Team!

Challenge Viva!'s food and cookery team to come up with a veggie version of ANY Christmas dish! Do you have a delicious dish you cannot live without? Email and wait for them to work their magic! 

But in the meantime, we think you'll find most things in our veganiser charts - we've put together equivalents of Christmas favourite dishes and foods. You'll be amazed at how good they taste! 

Eating vegan this Christmas has never been easier. Use this chart to find healthy and kind alternatives to traditional dishes - just click on the links for each recipe! Or for an overview of all our Christmas recipes, click here 


Traditional Starter/Party Food  Vegan Version
Mini-sausage rolls Vegan sausage rolls (Linda McCartney, VBites or Fry’s)   
Sausages rolled in bacon Vegan sausages (Fry's, Linda McCartney, VBites etc) rolled in vegan meat-free bacon (eg V-Bites) OR thin strips of smoked tofu (eg Taifun)
Deep-fried Camembert Cranberry & Cream Cheese Parcels
Quiche or Mini Quiches Mini Cherry Tomato & Pesto Quiches (with ready-made pastry!)
Pate & Crackers Smoky Aubergine & Pepper Dip
Smoked Salmon Avocado Salad with Smoked Tofu & Mustard Vinaigrette



Traditional Main Course Vegan Main Course           
Roast Turkey or other meat roast Vegan meat roasts, eg V-Bites Celebration Roast OR Tofurkey Roasts (assorted flavours) Find in Holland & Barrett, independent high street health food stores or online, eg VBites; Goodness Direct   
  Deluxe Chestnut, Port and Thyme Strudel
  Chestnut Paté en Crôute
  Luxury Festive Nut Roast OR buy a ready-to bake nut roast such as Artisan Grains or Suma brands

Christmas Stuffed Squash

  Aubergine Towers & Roast Tomato Sauce
Turkey or other meat gravy Red Wine & Porcini Mushroom Gravy OR Caramelised Red Onion & Wine Reduction OR Rose's Gravy
Roast Potatoes  Roast Potatoes (with or without Marmite flavouring) OR frozen roasties, eg Aunt Bessie's, Tesco. Just avoid those with goose or duck fat, obviously! 
Other Side Vegetables  See Xmas Vegetable Sides for lots of lovely ideas



Desserts & Other Sweet Stuff  Vegan alternative                                          
Christmas Pudding 

Home-made? Click here.

Shop-bought? Most Christmas puds are vegan - made with vegetable suet. Check the labels in whichever supermarket you shop. 

Lemon Meringue Pie or Pavlova Lemon Meringue Pie, Vegan-style. Yes, really! 
Pavlova with Coconut Cream (not tested by us)
Cheesecake Fruity Cheesecake OR Quick Lemon Cheesecake with Blueberries 
Other desserts Maple, Date & Pecan Parcels
Mince Pies

Home-made? Click here. 

Shop bought? Ask the manufacturer or supermarket - many contain butter, egg or other dairy by-products. Value ranges are often vegan but always check. Foods of Athenry are both vegan and gluten-free, Ocado etc

Christmas Cake  Make our easy, delicious vegan version - click here! 
Chocolate and Truffles 

Too many to mention - vegan chocolate is everywhere, from Aldi to Waitrose, from Poundland to Hotel Chocolat!  You can also get vegan advent choc calendars from MooFree, widely available. Click here for our chocolate guide. 

Home-made truffles? Click here for our lovely recipe

Cheese board Vegan cheese is everywhere too - Sainsbury's and Tesco carry their own brands; Ocado has a big range online and health food shops have a great range: Holland & Barrett. Online? Try Realfoods; Alternative Stores; Goodness Direct; VX and more. Serve with Ryvita or other vegan crackers/crispbread - just check the labels!
Vegan dairy accompaniments 

Vegan pouring cream, eg Oatly, Alpro, Valsoia; Whiptop for squirty cream (Tesco and online); thick cream, eg Soyatoo
Home-made? Try our lovely simple Cashew Cream recipe here

Vegan custard: Alpro or Oatly in tubs; OR use dried custard powder in a round tub with sugar and soya or almond milk to make it yourself. Birds, Tesco etc sell this. Healthfood shops sell Orgran or Just Wholefoods in packets (Avoid packet custard mixes, they usually contain milk)

Vegan ice cream: Swedish Glace (nearly everywhere); Alpro; Coconut Collaborative; Booja Booja; Food Heaven; Tesco and Sainsbury's are just some of the brands in supermarkets or health food shops