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Object: Giant chicken farm planned for outside York

Intensive unit would produce around 1.8 million birds a year

Plans have been resubmitted for a giant broiler chicken farm outside York. We have already derailed the plans once through the objection process. Please help us do so again!

Unfairly, animal welfare is not a consideration in the planning process (it should be). However, we can fight these new factory farms with valid environmental arguments, which, in turn, help prevent animal suffering.

Simply send the following objection using the form below. If you want to personalise it you can send an email to objections@york.gov.uk. You can also view the plans and object online. Don’t forget to put your full name and address in any correspondence.

Public consultation is open until 1 September 2016.

“Re: Planning application no.: 16/01813/FULM

Application Number: 16/01813/FULM Address: Land At Grid Reference 458205 449925. West Of Bradley Lane Rufforth York / Proposal: Erection of poultry farm comprising 6 no poultry sheds with ancillary buildings, access road and landscaped embankments (resubmission).

I wish to formally object to the resubmitted proposed development for a new broiler farm in the Rufforth area.

I understand that animal welfare is not a consideration (although I believe that it should be), so I have limited my objection to environmental and other issues that will be considered.

Therefore, I object on the following grounds:

Transport: a farm of this size can only be serviced by large amounts of HGVs – especially as the broiler cycle is only six-seven weeks which will necessitate multiple trips to slaughter, mass restocking, feed delivery and pollution disposal. The plans for a projected up to 1.8 million birds to be raised, transported (to and from) and feed delivered to the site every year. Plus potential sizeable waste disposal. The plans state that there will be around 112 HGV trips and 36 tractor and trailer trips each cycle. This will only increase traffic burden to local roads.

Odour: odour issues from large scale intensive poultry units are well documented and have blighted many communities. According to the plans there will be up to 288,000 birds on site at any one time. It will be difficult to limit the smell from the farm, especially depending on temperature and wind direction. Feedback from local people is that they already contend with “nauseous odours” from Harewood Whin.

Pollution: large scale factory farms such as the one described in this proposal generate a lot of waste and that can lead to run-off and pollution. Over the past ten years there have been a number of prosecutions of intensive livestock units for pollution of waterways (especially from poultry farms). The proposal for a mega dairy in Nocton, Lincolnshire was rejected largely because it could not be guaranteed that the development would not lead to the pollution of the nearby underground aquifer. Specific to this development, there have been concerns about flooding – and in some cases severe flooding. The Ainsty (2008) Internal Drainage Board state in their consultation response that the proposal has the potential to generate significant surface water run-off if this is not effectively controlled. This alone should mean that the proposal is rejected, as I do not believe that the resubmitted plans can ensure that no pollution will ever take place.

Wildlife and visual impact: It is my understanding that the proposed site falls within the Green Belt of York. Although the proposal is described as agricultural, I believe its intensive nature means it should be reclassified as an industrial development. I also understand that the proposed development is also just 0.05km away from species rich wet grassland, which could be affected by ammonia emissions. It is also my understanding that Great Crested Newts are known to frequent the area.

Employment: Farms of this size do not provide significant employment opportunities to local people. The plans state that just 2.5 people will be employed to ‘care’ for 288,000 birds.

In light of these points please reject the planning application for a new poultry farm West Of Bradley Lane Rufforth York.

Yours faithfully”

[Don’t forget your name and address!]