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Britain's first entirely Vegetarian sweet shop

Britain's first entirely Vegetarian sweet shop

Sweet Bobby

The entirely Vegetarian shop 'Sweet Expectation' is opened in Rochester.

A former Met policeman has swapped the nick for pick and mix by opening Britain's first entirely vegetarian sweet shop, Sweet Expectations, in Rochester. John Baldock was brought up on a farm and became vegetarian at the age of 12. “I gave up meat because I loved the animals too much,” he says. John then found that his sweet tooth was restricted by dead beetles, extracts of hoof and other animal bits that find their way into some confectionery as gelatine or colouring. John’s solved the problem by using his retirement money to open an animal-free sweet shop. It’s as traditional as it comes, with jars of sweeties lined up on shelves and weighed out to order. What isn’t traditional is the carnauba wax, beetroot, agar and other plant extracts that replace bits of dead animal. After 30 years in uniform, John (56) says his wife had reservations about his new life but no longer – business is booming. There’s a lot of us around, John!



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