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Founder & Director

In 1994 I founded Viva! – a vibrant, campaigning charity that promotes a veganism and saving animals. I also launched Viva! Poland and Viva!Health in 2002. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to create and launch numerous campaigns – my focus being on saving animals. I’ve investigated many farms – often the big names – to show what farming means for most of the UK’s animals.  My books are the Silent Ark (with Tony Wardle), Born to be Wild and the Livewire Guide to Going, Being & Staying Veggie.

And guides include Why You Don’t Need DairyVegetarian & Vegan Mother & Baby GuideHealthy Veggie Kids and Nutrition in a Nutshell.

One of the many risks I’ve taken include launching The Incredible Vegan Shows, before Vegan festivals existed in the UK! Fortunately they were a hit and have travelled across Britain helping people go vegetarian and vegan.

Believe it or not, I was the first person the Vegetarian Society employed to campaign in there then 140 year history! It was exciting breaking new ground in the UK, and having press launches that were packed to the rafters. I became its director but left to set up Viva! – one of the very great passions of my life. 



“Another bloody vegan!”

I was sat in the bar close to my home and one of my neighbour’s fumed up to me, she had morphed into the Welsh dragon. Nostrils flaring and when she spoke, words as furious as fire flamed out of her. I was shocked at her anger but remained still. The source of the vitriol? I had ‘made...

Viva! Blog: Pig Farming Report

Pig Sick – our new year-long investigation reports on the state of UK pig farms and it’s not pretty reading By Juliet Gellatley, founder & director Viva! and zoologist...

Resistance is Inevitable

Resistance is coming and we are running out of time. We’ve seen the future and this is it: Swine ( http://www.watchswine.today ), our latest film, is a terrifying exposé of the global health crisis posed by an unregulated factory farming industry’s misuse and abuse of antibiotics...

China’s announcement on halving meat consumption should see us serving up international policy that actually has some guts

From a purely vegan perspective China is often seen as a land of contradictions. Historically – arguably due to widespread poverty – it is a country with comparatively low meat and dairy production but also has a generally terrible record on the treatment of the animals they kept for...


Juliet goes undercover to witness first-hand the tragic lives of British chucks

Facing Off the Pig Industry

​What breaks through your barriers? I know how important it is to protect ourselves from pain. How else can we get by in a world that callously incarcerates billions of animals and so casually takes their lives? When we know their lives are full of misery and relentless suffering. I know it is a...

International Campaigns are Vital... Viva! the kangaroo

When Viva! recently again exposed the conditions of factory farmed pigs, mothers incarcerated, piglets trapped in cages and the awful abuse of these wonderful animals - no one accused Viva! of being speciesist. But when we fight for the kangaroos, a tiny minority voice that accusation. It is they,...

Interview: A Life of Activism with Viva! Founder and Director, Juliet Gellatley

Juliet Gellatley, Founder and Director of Viva! has been at the forefront of plant-based activism in the UK for decades. In this interview she discusses her history as a campaigner, raising Vegan children and the future of Vegan advocacy in the UK.

Why I'll Always be Vegan.

IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT I don’t find investigating factory farms easy. It does not matter how many times I have clambered over fences in the thick of night drawing towards some ominous concrete ugliness, I always feel a sickness in the pit of my belly. It’s not just the thought of...

Feel like chicken tonight?

A blog entry by Juliet Gellatley. Chickens. And how life is cheep. The numbers are crazy, one billion little lives wiped out each year in the UK alone. So much cruelty on a mind boggling scale. And excused by ignorance: “oh but chickens are daft” or “they don’t feel”...

What's on my mind

Facebook, the so-called social network of our age, asks what's on your mind, so here goes:...