BREAKING NEWS: Waitrose releases vegan pancakes in time for Pancake Day | Viva! - The Vegan Charity
BREAKING NEWS: Waitrose releases vegan pancakes in time for Pancake Day

All our vegan dreams are coming true with these vegan pancakes from Waitrose ahead of Pancake Day on Tuesday 25 February.

It’s only two weeks until Shrove Tuesday, arguably the best day of the year. Why, you may ask – because for once it’s totally socially acceptable to have pancakes for every meal of the day!

And with Waitrose’s stocking these new ready-made vegan pancakes, it’s never been easier to choose vegan this pancake day.

Waitrose & Partners will be selling two types of vegan pancakes made by Squeaky Bean, so whether you prefer Fluffy America Style pancakes or you’re more of a thin crepe kind of person, there is something for you!

To help you up your game this pancake day, here are our top 6 pancake toppings by Vegan Recipe Club…

Savoury pancakes

Spinach & Mushroom: This flavour combo is a classic and packed with nutrients. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to sweet pancakes this is a great lunch option to get two of your five a day all wrapped up in a delicious thin crepe.

Red Pepper & Tomato with Smoked Tofu:  Impress any guests you have round for pancake day with this flavourful savoury pancake recipe. Filled with yummy sauce and crispy smoked tofu, you can’t beat the taste and textures of this delicious recipe.

Indian-style: Who doesn’t love a bit of fusion cuisine? Throw tradition out the window with this innovative take on pancakes and fill it with your favourite veggie. Potatoes, aubergine and chickpeas all work wonderfully in pancakes, but let your imagination run free!

Sweet pancakes

Vegan Yoghurt & Berries: Vegan yoghurt, such as Alpro or Supermarket own brand, combined with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries or strawberries is a delicious and healthy combo for Pancake Day. If you want some sweetness, agave nectar is a great vegan alternative to honey to keep your pancakes cruelty free.

Vegan Chocolate Spread & Ice Cream: If you want a naughtier Pancake Day, vegan chocolate spread with dairy-free ice cream is the ultimate indulgence. Heat up the pancakes so the ice cream goes gooey and melty…heaven on a plate!

Lemon & Sugar: It’s a classic for a reason. We love the tanginess and sweetness combined in this family favourite pancake topping. Use freshly squeezed lemon juice for extra flavour!

For more vegan Pancake Day inspiration, check out all our Vegan Recipe Club pancakes here!

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