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The summer sale is in full swing on the Viva! Shop, with reductions across all of our categories! If you haven’t already had a gander, we recommend having a look now before your favourites get snapped up! Here’s a roundup of our “don’t miss” list:

The cat’s pajamas...

Viva! tees are all organic cotton and climate neutral so you can rest assured these will be the comfiest (and most ethical) tees in your wardrobe! Paired with a vegan mission statement, such as our Call to Action Mens Tee, this will truly level up your activism, bringing the animal rights message to the forefront! Or, if you prefer a more subtle statement of your animal love, wear your heart on your sleeve with our gorgeous Vegan For the Piggies Womens tee.


Accessorise your activism…

We’ve highlighted a couple of absolute essential items for day trips, holidays, and alfresco dinners in the park. First up, on the must-bring list is a tote bag, and why not level up to a Tiger Cat 3D Tote Bag! These totes are large enough to fit all the British summertime necessities (an umbrella, suncream, raincoat, and sunglasses for the inevitable weather changes), has an inner pocket and a sturdy zip at the top - plus the extra fun floppy ears too! It’s got everything.

We also recommend a reusable coffee cup, such as our striking Stargate E-coffee Cup to reduce your plastic consumption (and potential eco-anxiety). These cups are made from bamboo and will keep you going for years! Throw in your tote bag and you’re always ready for the perfect takeout coffee round the corner!


You’ve got to treat your dog too, right?

If you’ve got a proud vegan doggo on your hands, complete their lookbook with a cute vegan doggo bandana, which comes in monochrome and pastel pink. Or, if food is where their heart lies, we have the perfect Pawtato Dog Chew Sticks from Benevo, made from nutritious sweet potato and rice! These are a really healthy vegan snack (being low fat, gluten-free and GMO free), and will fuel the longest of dog walks!


Treat yourself to some new recipes...

Last on the list, we have two essential cookbooks to introduce to your kitchen. Firstly, grab the fantastic Easy Vegan for a bargain price! This cookbook includes over 160 delicious recipes which are quick and simple, meaning we think this book is especially good as a gift for meat reducers! We also recommend Protest Kitchen by feminist Carol J Adams and vegan nutritionist Virginia Messina. This power duo have created a punchy practical guide to vegan living, including recipes and daily practical actions to empower your ethics!


That’s not everything by a long shot, so please have a browse over our wonderful Viva! Shop. We are the perfect place to hit the summer sales, as our profits go back into saving animals and spreading the vegan message. As ever, thank you for supporting us!

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