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Time is quickly running out. We are accelerating towards an environmental emergency and if we don’t act now, there will soon be no future left to fight for.

Never before have we seen ecological disaster on this scale. Forests are being destroyed at a devastating rate, with the equivalent of 27 football fields being lost every minute for livestock grazing or feed. Countless wild animals are left without homes or food, leaving them to starve and die due to human activity. Oceans are being polluted and overfished causing the world’s biggest and most delicate ecosystem to collapse. Not to mention the greenhouse gases being released which are hurtling us towards a catastrophic 5C temperature rise by the end of the century.

Despite knowing all this, we – the human race – continue to exploit the earth, animals and each other for more money, faster production and higher growth. Make no mistake, this is a capitalist problem. Why are the forests being burned, the oceans pummelled and farmed animals grazed? The answer is simple: to meet consumer demand for animal products.

"Eating meat dairy and fish is killing us and our world. Up until now politicians have failed us but there's still time to act. Individually we should all be choosing vegan now. I don't want my generation to be the last," said Jazz Wardle, a young vegan environmentalist at the Vegan Now Press Conference.

Is that burger worth it?

So as we hurtle towards the sixth mass extinction on Planet Earth, with millions of wildlife species and yes, even humans, set to become extinct unless something drastic changes, ask yourself, is that burger really worth it?

Vegan Now is urging everyone to adopt a vegan diet now before it’s too late. Animal agriculture is threatening to destroy our earth and every creature on it. We urgently need a shift in behaviour to stand any chance of survival.

It’s easy to point fingers at Brazil for burning the Amazon or China for producing cheap pork, for example, but dig a little deeper and it becomes clear that the West are the drivers for these atrocities.

What if you knew that animal agriculture is responsible for 91 per cent of the Amazon’s destruction? What if you knew wildlife populations were set to decrease by 67 per cent by the end of the century, for animal products that are totally unnecessary to be healthy and happy in today’s world?

We're committing 'ecocide'

The consumption of animal products is having a devastating effect on the environment. In a world we can easily get all the nutrients we need from a vegan diet, we are now killing the earth and ourselves for no reason at all. We are committing ‘ecocide’ – and something must be done.

“What we want to do is push society so that consuming animals is no longer socially acceptable,” said Juliet Gellatley.

Vegan Now provides a clear solution to the climate crisis we are accelerating towards and it only requires doing one thing: going vegan now!

To find out more about the environmental impact of global animal agriculture and how to go Vegan Now, visit

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