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Top 5 Most Friendly Vegan Activism Actions

The media may like to paint peaceful vegans as ‘extremists’ but the reality of it is quite the contrary. A vegan’s entire moral baseline is compassion and peace, and this is how the world should see us. Here are our top five most friendly vegan activism actions for you to try.

  1. Business cards

    And I don’t mean handing out your number and occupation to everyone you meet offering a free vegan advice line! These little cards are made to thank companies that offer vegan options. The Viva! ‘I ate here’ cards are very popular, and they are shared around on social media as much as they are in person. This is what makes these little cards even more genius! As soon as the waiting staff at a restaurant or café sees the card, they almost always then share it online. Suddenly, a small act of kindness becomes an online activism post for potentially thousands to see. 

  2. Volunteer at public vegan food taster events

    Not all activism has to include marching through cities or showing investigation footage. Although it's very effective, it isn’t for everyone. Members of the public seem to love vegan food taster events – its free food after all! The Viva!ccino event turned into a full cappuccino company for the day, with continuous queues and people wanting to learn more about making the switch to plant-based milk. You can volunteer at events like this nationwide!

  3. Cook vegan food for family and friends 

    Cooking for your family and friends is a chance for you to showcase exactly what vegans eat and how tasty the food is. I have cooked many times for close friends and family members, and many are now vegan themselves, including the friend that would repeatedly say “I will never go vegan – I love meat and cheese way too much!”. Admittedly I had some help from the Vegan Recipe Club app, which has over 300 recipes to choose from for free.  

  4. Door droppers and info leaflets

    Maybe you want to avoid any potential confrontational conversations but still feel the urge to share your knowledge. Posting door droppers about veganism is a fantastic way to share information. With it being a physical piece of material, people can’t ‘swipe to the next post’ but instead will inspect each piece of post that drops through their letterbox and are more likely to take the information in. You can also have leaflets handy for while you are out, and the opportunity arises. The most mentioned topic seems to be people struggling to give up dairy, so I like to have a stash of the Dairy Free Pocket Rocket leaflets in my bag.

  5. Take non-vegans to vegan events

    The vegan community is friendly and inclusive and so are vegan events. All events I have attended hold talks focussed towards people that are not yet vegan as well as talks for existing vegans. Your friends won’t be without interesting things to sit in on, as well as enjoying browsing stalls like at any other event. This year Viva! are celebrating their 25-year anniversary and holding a magical vegan festival in Birmingham. Come along and bring your friends with you! 

If this has inspired you to share the vegan message in a merrier way, let us know what friendly activism you have chosen by tagging us on your pictures on Instagram and by tweeting us! 

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About the Author

Claire is founder of Grow Up Vegan a platform made to inspire everyone and to encourage the younger generation to - Grow Up Vegan! She is our blog writer and creative content creator here at Viva!. Having an extensive background within the vegan community, and being vegan for over a decade, she began her journalism and creative career by writing for a popular well-being company as their 'vegan expert'. Claire now works closely with vegan charities, businesses and activists to spread the vegan message far and wide.

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