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Supermarket Alternatives to Turkey Taste Test

With Christmas just around the corner, we tried five supermarket vegan offerings so you can have a fool-proof turkey-free Christmas.

Last year 15 million turkeys were killed in the UK, with most of them ending up on people’s plates on Christmas Day. But with so many delicious vegan alternatives to turkey readily available in all the main supermarkets, why not put peace on your plate this Christmas and choose the kinder alternative.

We’ve tasted the best vegan alternatives to turkey so you can have the most delicious Christmas possible with none of the suffering involved in traditional Christmas dinner. Want to make your own? Try our easy vegan turkey-less roast.

The Good Looking One – Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Three Nut & Mushroom Roast

Price: £5 (serves 3)

Aesthetics: 9/10

Taste: 5/10

Value for money: 6/10

Total: 20/30

This alternative to turkey is perfect if you want to wow your Christmas dinner guests. The nut roast is decorated with a sprinkling or almonds and dried fruit giving it that deliciously Christmassy aesthetic.

We thought it was quite pricey for a fairly small portion, but it has a rich, stuffing-like flavour and comes with delicious gravy making it a solid option for Christmas Day.

The Best Value One – Asda’s Chickpea and Cranberry Wellington

Price: £3 (serves 3)

Aesthetics: 8/10

Taste: 6.5/10

Value for money: 8.5/10

Total: 23/30

Asda’s Chickpea and Cranberry Wellington smashes value for money, offering three generous portions while also looking and tasting delicious! The golden pastry enclosing a delightful cross-section of cranberry and meaty-tasting filling is a winner in our eyes.

We admit chickpeas and cranberry sound like an odd combination but we were blown away with the texture and taste of this turkey alternative – and it’s extremely reasonable price is a huge added bonus! Perfect for storing in the freezer and popping in the oven when your guests arrive.

Credit: Sainsbury'sCredit: Linda McCartneys

The All-Rounder – Linda McCartney’s Vegetarian Roast

Price: £4 (serves 4)

Aesthetics: 7/10

Taste: 9/10

Value for money: 8/10

Total: 25/30

If you’re looking for an all-round family favourite for your turkey alternative this should be your go-to. It’s available in almost every supermarket and it’s meaty, juicy, flavourful and extremely reasonably priced. It comes with a glaze in a sachet to pour over the top – and did we mention how delicious it is?! It’s our all-rounder for a reason!

Just add some roast potatoes, delicious veg and our fool-proof Yorkshire pudding recipe from our Deliciously Vegan Christmas Guide and you’ve got yourself the ultimate turkey-less Christmas!

The Crowd Divider – M&S’s Festive Parsnip & Mulled Red Onion Roast

Price: £4 (serves 2)

Aesthetics: 5/10

Taste: 6/10

Value for money: 6/10

Total: 17/30

This alternative to turkey almost created a civil war at Viva! HQ…some people loved it, some people didn’t and others felt very meh. Our verdict? If you like herby, sweet flavours you will probably love it. If you prefer more traditional Christmas food, stick to something simpler. It looks appetising and had plenty of flavour, while others felt it was over-seasoned and confused.

The Easy Option – Iceland’s No Turkey Christmas Dinner

Price: £3 (serves 1)

Aesthetics: 0.5/10

Taste: 3/10

Value for money: 4/10

Total: 7.5/30

If you really hate cooking but still want a Christmas Dinner with plant-based turkey, veg and gravy, this is the Christmas meal for you. What it lacks in taste and looks, it makes up for in simplicity to cook. Simply empty the frozen bag into a saucepan, add some water and simmer for about 10 minutes – and there you have it!

It doesn’t match the standards most people would expect for a special Christmas Day Dinner, but if you’re just looking for some vegan meat, veg and minimal washing up, it does the job!

You can find more supermarket alternatives to turkey in our Vegan Recipe Club guide here.

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