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A Step in the Right Direction - Wuhan Bans Eating Wild Animals

Wuhan announced that the eating of all wild animals is now prohibited, along with virtually all hunting, as they turn the city into a ‘wildlife sanctuary’.

Wuhan bans eating animals


Coronavirus is thought to have come from a wet market in Wuhan, China, where different wild animals are kept in cramped cages and slaughtered upon request. It is not yet confirmed how coronavirus originated, but it is thought to have passed from bats to pangolins, who were being sold at the market. 


The banning of eating animals in Wuhan is a huge step forward to protecting against future pandemics, and a massive win for the wild animals who are often hunted or captured and kept in cruel cages.


3 in 4 new infectious diseases come from animals


Since the coronavirus outbreak, we have been busy with our ‘3 in 4’ campaign, educating people that three in four new or emerging diseases come from animals and empowering people to go vegan to protect against future pandemics.


We hope that Wuhan’s decision will encourage more of China and the world to ban the eating of wild animals, and encourage people to consider the morals of eating animals, both wild and farmed.

In fact, factory farms are also a huge risk for future pandemics. Thousands of animals are crammed inside sheds, forced to live in their own faeces and dirt with no access to the outdoors or sunlight. They are a breeding ground for disease, especially since strains of Bird Flu and Swine Flu are continuing to mutate and infect humans.


Go vegan to avert future pandemics


So what can you do about it? Well, animal farming only exists because we eat animals. If we all chose to go vegan, the farms and markets where these diseases pass from animals to humans wouldn’t exist at all. 


We can reduce the risk of three in four infectious diseases passing to humans by choosing vegan. Lockdown is the perfect time to reflect on our lifestyles and make positive changes in our lives. We have all the information you need to go vegan on our website - and we’re always available to offer advice through social media.



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