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Set against the beautiful backdrop of England’s moorland, Snared, exposes the pressures of rural life and tackles the brutal reality of countryside crime.

This was just as real as the ground under his feet. He could still smell the stink pit. It seemed to have crept into his skin, and the image of the dead fox had burnt itself into his eyes.


In a gripping tale of wildlife crime in the English countryside, Sheffield-based author Bob Berzins, brings to life a fictional account of wrong-doing on the shooting moors, drawing from first-hand experiences with activists, wildlife charities and the police.  

While gamekeeper John struggles to hold his family and the impossible demands of his work together, activists Raven and Chloe embark on a mission, seeking justice for nature. By bringing together a broad spectrum of issues – from raptor persecution, snaring and trapping, badger baiting and dog-fighting to domestic violence, police corruption and social work –  Snared is the perfect page-turner for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of rural pursuits that perpetuate criminal activity.  

Bob BerzinsBerzins uses his background, working as a counsellor to add some great character depth in his writing, allowing for the reader to empathise with the ‘bad guys’ while cheering on the good. But as events build to a breathtaking climax, who will survive – and will justice ever be served? 

“I’ve set out to write a book that will keep you turning the pages and leave you wanting to find out more,” explains Berzins. “The Pennine Uplands have brought me a profound sense of oneness with nature – something that should be available to everyone. But wildlife and landscapes have disappeared and we accept this as normal. This is a story that needs to be told now, before this precious environment is lost forever.”

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Both paperback and Kindle formats can be purchased through Amazon and the first eight chapters of the audiobook can be heard on the War on Wildlife.

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