How to have a fabulous VivaVeganista Christmas! | Viva!

How to have a fabulous VivaVeganista Christmas!

How to have a fabulous VivaVeganista Christmas!

Ahh, Christmas… On the face of it, this is meant to be the happiest time of the year, perfect for catching up with family, enjoying great food, relaxing nd reminiscing. However, for those who volunteer as the role of ‘Chief Chef’, Christmas can often feel like it would be better named “Stressmas”.

And those of us who are having genuinely spreading joy to the animal kingdom and having a vegan Christmas the pressure can really feel like it’s on to ensure none of the festive foodie smells and tastes are compromised by not having meat or dairy. But fear not all my Christmas soldiers out there! I’ve also volunteered as Christmas fairy this year and I’m bringing you all the tips you need for a (mostly) stress-free vegan Christmas dinner. Don’t over-complicate! I know it’s Christmas and all, however, I’m not going overboard on the details. Yes, I want everyone to have a brilliant time and enjoy some extra-ordinary food, but I’m not going to be spending four hours sprinkling fairy gold dust on my nut roast to bestow them with supreme Christmas spirit before they’re gobbled up. There are some really amazing and super simple recipes out there and of course Viva! has done us all proud by creating this must read recipe scmorgesboard for us all to enjoy. And our own Viva! Veganista crew have also provided some amazing inspiration. A perfect example of this is actually this week’s #VivaVeganista weekly winner - @littlevbigv on Instagram submitted the most vibrant looking sorbet and it only needed three ingredients! I think this would act as the perfect frozen refresher for the end course of a Christmas feast, plus you can pretty much add in whichever frozen fruit you like making it perfect for fussy eaters. ‘Sharing is caring’ Turn it into something your kids can help out with! Both my sisters (Beau aged three and Izzy who is seven) absolutely love being in the kitchen, so this year Beau is responsible for washing the veggies and Izzy is on peeling duty… That’s easily an hour saved already! Plan ahead Stock up on non-perishables before the big day can really take away from the stress of last minute panic buying on Christmas Eve. Also, make room in your fridge for fresh foods before you go out and buy them. There’s nothing worse than doing a huge food shop to come home and find that 1) there’s no bloody room for anything in the fridge, and 2) you already had a good 30% of the stuff you just bought. Above all else try to have fun when it comes to cooking, not everything has to be done by the book and most of the time, adding your own signature to something makes it more special! If it turns into a disaster, don’t worry. You’ll be able to look back in years to come and laugh about the time your grandpa had a terrible reaction to those Brussels sprouts even though they were burnt beyond belief and for a brief moment ended up all over the kitchen floor (our little secret). And finally, please don’t forget the gravy!!

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