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Goatober – are you kidding me?

Goatober – are you kidding me?

A wonderfully cheery campaign called Goatober claims to be “the month-long celebration of the dairy billy goat meat industry”. Sorry, what? You want to glorify the killing of unwanted kids that are a sad by-product of the goat milk industry? Indeed!

It started in the US as an initiative to link dairy goat farms to restaurants and food producers in order for them “to purchase their unwanted males, who, as unable to produce milk for dairy products, are euthanized at birth”. Currently, Goatober is on its second year in the UK to encourage people to eat the increasing numbers of unwanted kids.

Dairy goat farming means exactly the same cruelty as dairy cow farming – removal of newborns so people can drink their milk, killing most billy goats straight away (some are sold and killed later for meat), impregnating the females as soon as they’re sexually mature so they can start producing milk, painful mutilations such as horn bud removal and castration without anaesthetic, zero grazing, diseases and infections, slaughtering the exhausting nanny goats when they’re no longer productive. No rural idyll for dairy goats. Viva! investigation revealed all this and more.

But back to Goatober. What is it about this obsession to eat baby animals? And the argument that it’s somehow more ethical to kill and eat the unwanted babies rather than not produce them in the first place? Because, you know, we’re not meant to suckle from goats anyway…

Thanks to Goatober you can sit down for a dinner with the whole family – a kid starter followed by a goat main and topped off with a goat milk dessert. Or in other words, kill the baby, steal the milk, kill the mum. All on the menu in a lovely family friendly restaurant.

Or we can stop trying to sell people animal abuse served with an extra portion of hypocrisy. Because no matter how you dress it up, there’s nothing ethical about the exploitation of animals.

To learn more about goat farming, read this special feature article.


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