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Go Dairy Free This Mother’s Day
It’s a crying shame that on Mother’s Day we as a nation celebrate with dairy-filled chocolate cakes and milky cups of afternoon tea with our loved ones - how ironic!
You may have heard the trending tag line ‘not your mum, not your milk’' and here at Viva! we couldn’t agree more. It doesn’t make any sense to celebrate one mother whilst simultaneously exploiting another.
One of the dairy’s industry’s biggest misconceptions is that cows constantly produce milk. The reality is that just like us, cows must be pregnant in order to produce milk. To make sure that the dairy cows meet the demands of the milk industry, cows are artificially inseminated, give birth, have their young taken away from them, milked and then artificially inseminated again once the milk production draws to a halt. This process is repeated until the mother is ‘spent’ and sold on for low-grade meat.
We have been working tirelessly to get the message out there that the dairy industry supports the complete exploitation of both mothers and babies. Last year’s Scary Dairy campaign TRASH exposed the truth about dairy to the public and revealed that 95,000 male calves are shot in a year – the dairy industry’s trash.
What about the female calves you may wonder? They are still taken away from their mums, put on a milk replacement in segregation and then forced into the same farming cycle as their hard-working mothers. It’s a terribly tragic and heart-breaking process for the mothers to endure time and time again and an industry secret that they simply don’t want the public to know about.
On this Mother’s Day, support Britain’s most hardworking mothers and opt for dairy free confectionary – it’s time to go vegan.
By Claire Michalski of Grow Up Vegan

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