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Frankie & Benny's New Vegan Menu: Here's What You Need to Know

From May 14, Frankie & Benny's is expanding their vegan menu with seven new plant-based dishes available across the UK.

We love celebrating restaurants with accessible, delicious vegan options, and right now Frankie & Benny's is paving the way forward with their varied vegan menu. 

Frankie & Benny's launched their vegan menu in January this year, in response to the increasing consumer demand for fairly prices plant-based options. Now, due to the roaring success of their vegan menu, the chain restaurant is set to increase their vegan offerings. In a statement to Vegan Food & Living, Frankie & Benny’s Head of Food Development, Holly Davies, explained the new menu: 

“[F]ollowing the great success of our extensive vegan range launched in January, we now look to focus in on the dishes that our guests have really loved, creating further ways for them to enjoy every aspect of our menu across every day; including our new breakfast vegan fry up and the launch of our incredibly indulgent vegan loaded fries and vegan cheesecake.”

Here's what you need to know!

The New Vegan Menu

Image credit: Frankie & Benny’s 
  • Vegan Full English Breakfast: £6.29

Look at this! Complete with sausages, avocado and is that...vegan eggs?!

  • Vegan Scrambled Eggs: £5.59

Now, this is one dish we can't wait to try. We wonder if they'll be as mouth-watering as our Vegan Recipe Club eggs?

  • Vegan Cheese Fries: £4.99

A classic vegan staple on any lunch menu. Now with added vegan cheese? Count us in.

  • Viva La Vegan Cheeseburger: £10.49 

What can we say, you had us at Viva! 

  • Vegan No-cheesecake: £5.79

  • Lotus Biscoff Milkshake: £2.99

We've got a real sweet tooth here at Viva! HQ, so these two options sound like absolute perfection.

The new menu is available from May 14.

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