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Vote to Stand Against Animal Cruelty and Environmental Damage

In the lead up to the general election Viva! are urging candidates to address key issues to stand against animal cruelty and environmental damage.

Since 1994, we have worked tirelessly to create a kinder world for animals, through exposing the truth about animal farming practices and promoting the joys and health benefits of a more compassionate vegan lifestyle.

Through our undercover investigations, we have shown people first-hand how animals are suffering in appalling conditions, as well as provided information on how consuming animals is the biggest cause of environmental pollution and global heating.

With that said, we ask all political parties to prioritise the following:

  • Work towards ending animal suffering
  • Improve the health of the nation
  • Meet targets set by the Paris agreement by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and by carbon dioxide removal through change of land use
  • Reduce pollution
  • Vastly improve provision of habitats for wildlife
  • Improve food security

To achieve the above, we ask that candidates of all parties commit to:

  1. Mandatory vegan options in the public sector – specifically schools and hospitals
  2. A commitment to phase out factory farming and end the cage age once and for all
  3. Commitment to ending livestock farming and transitioning to more diversified plant crops
  4. An overhaul of farming subsidies and a shift to support transitioning farmers
  5. Investment in initiatives to rewild vast areas of the UK
  6. The introduction of animal sentience legislation to safeguard animals in a post-Brexit Britain

Never before has it been more urgent to turn our attention to the foods we eat for a solution to the climate emergency. We must wake up to the horrors of the animal agriculture industry and choose vegan today to save tomorrow.

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