Viva!’s Outreach Campaign for Turkeys this Christmas! | Viva!

Viva!’s Outreach Campaign for Turkeys this Christmas!

Viva!’s Outreach Campaign for Turkeys this Christmas!

In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Viva! has been inundated with Christmas Turkey leaflet orders - over TWICE as many as last year! This huge number of people getting active for turkeys this year reflects the masses of people turning their backs on meat in Britain, and the fast growing interest in veganism. We can’t think of a better way to spend the weeks before Christmas here in the Viva! office than sending out leaflets asking people to be kind at Christmas to ALL kind!

Each year, around 10 million turkeys live short and brutal lives on farms and are killed for the Christmas market. This year, Viva! has produced a short film so that we could take the plight of turkeys onto three busy British high streets. The film includes Viva! Campaigns investigation footage from intensive farms including those belonging to the infamous Bernard Matthews, as well as footage of dead and dying turkeys on a free-range farm endorsed by none other than TV chef Jamie Oliver.

Our Campaigns team, along with local activists, have also been busy on the high streets of central London, Bristol and Birmingham showing our new short film on turkey farming using a projector and a big screen. On the events we’ve been handing out leaflets to passer-bys and talking to them about why they should leave turkeys (and all animals) off their plates this Christmas. In London, we teamed up with Croydon Vegan Outreach and new group, LIBERATE, for a busy evening in the bustling area of Piccadilly Circus. Despite it being a bitterly cold evening, we continued leafleting well into the night. It was heartening to find out that some of the people we spoke to were already vegan .. or on their journey there! A massive thanks to all the volunteers who came along to help. Midweek, in our home town of Bristol, Viva! staff and around twelve volunteers hosted a similar outreach event with our big screen in the town centre. In close proximity to the Christmas Market, we spoke to shoppers for three hours. At least two people who spoke to our team and left with a leaflet said they would consider going vegan for the animals. In addition to this, the Bristol Post kindly featured our outreach - what  a great result!

Our final event of the week was hosted in collaboration with West Midlands Animal Save, Walsall Vegans and Wolverhampton Vegans, and took place at the Bull Ring Statue in central Birmingham. This busy part of town proved to be the perfect location for outreach and many people stopped to watch the footage and take a leaflet.

Find out more about the plight of these gentle, intelligent animals inside factory farms and slaughterhouses. Our Factsheet can be downloaded here, and our leaflet here. Also share the new Viva! short film on turkeys! Together let's encourage friends and family to leave turkeys off their plates this Christmas.

Our Christmas page shows recipes, guides, events and shopping ideas!

Have a Kind Christmas with Viva!

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