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Viva Victory: Plans for a New Intensive Pig Farm Rejected

A proposed unit for rearing and fattening almost 2,000 pigs has been rejected as a huge victory over animal agriculture. 

Three in Four Diseases


Considering the fact that three in every four new or emerging infectious diseases come from animals, it defies belief that councils across the UK are still considering applications for new factory farms. We’re in the very midst of a global pandemic, as a result of coronavirus, which has brought the world to its knees.


A proposed pig unit near Lincoln had plans to confine almost 2,000 pigs at any one time in factory farm conditions. It was a proposal, like any other of its magnitude, that seemed to be asking for future outbreaks of zoonotic diseases such as swine flu, and perhaps even more deadly new zoonotic diseases, to break out from our interference with animals. 


A Huge Win For Animals


With that said, we are delighted that the plan has now been rejected! Viva! joined the calls of outraged locals and were able to successfully appeal to North Kesteven Council to do the right thing and put an end to the proposed unit. We would like especially to thank one of our supporters, Debbie, who put a huge amount of time into this victory. 


The unit would have undoubtedly created yet more unimaginable suffering for thousands of pigs every year and added to our exploitation of animals at the very time when we need to do the opposite, while also creating another hotbed for future outbreaks of disease. 

Grassroots Activism


Through a concerted effort with locals - all of whom were horrified at the prospect of a factory farm destroying their local countryside - the recent success goes to show how much good can be done by working together in communities against animal exploitation. This pandemic is starting to make people reconsider our relationship with animals, and whether the flesh of animals on our plates is worth risking future diseases and ecological collapse. 


Plant-based diets are much better for our health, our planet, and the animals, and it’s never been more crucial or urgent to the wellbeing of ourselves and the world to choose vegan now


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