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The songs

Track 1: Talk To The Animals

From the Original Doctor Dolittle Film

Performed by Debbie Curtis Big Band Aid

Track 2: All The Same

Written by Debbie Curtis & Chris Baker

Performed by Debbie Curtis Big Band Aid

Talk to the Animals is the much loved song from Dr Doolittle, where the doctor turns vet because he understands animals better than people, and learns over 400 animal languages. The last verse of the song will resonate with all Viva! supporters:

If I could walk with the animals

Talk with the animals

Grunt and squeak and squawk with the animals

And they would say ‘Set me Free’


All the Same is a contemporary, wonderful track that is very catchy. It is a moving, poignant, soft melody with a hard hitting verse about how we are all the same and all life deserves respect. It was written especially for Viva! and all our supporters – that includes you!