Debbie Curtis Speaks Out | Viva!

Debbie Curtis Speaks Out

We asked Debbie why she has given her energy to this enormous project. She told us:

“Factory farming is cruelty in the extreme. The torture of animals is degrading and disgusting – I hope by

releasing this EP it will raise awareness of this and all issues concerned involving the ethical treatment of animals.

Viva! (Juliet and all her fantastic staff) has done a lot to change opinions, many of her campaigns have resulted in positive change, and set an example for all of us, which is why I totally support her and will do all I can to back their campaigns and ideas.

I hope that by supporting Viva!, others will follow, and in turn save more animals from the torture and pain that farm animals endure, and hopefully put an end to ALL suffering.

We need radical change and the media can help – society should not tolerate the inhumane treatment of any animal – we have a habit of turning the proverbial blind eye to anything that causes profound discomfort. We need to change – and I hope by getting to more audiences with the EP we have taken  another step towards positive change.

I do not believe we need to kill to be fit and healthy – and we need to act now to preserve the world and everything that lives in it.

As Viva! would say – we can all make a difference.”