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Viva!'s 20th Anniversary Auction

All the items below (except for Paul McCartney signed album) will be auctioned at our extra special 20th Anniversary Dinner in London on 20 September 2014. For more details and to book your ticket. 


You can also bid for three other items online, and these will also be available to bid for at the dinner. The highest bidder wins.

All online bids to be received by Monday 15 September 2014. 

Online bidder's details will be kept private (unless permission is given to print name). The amounts raised will be published.

Press to Play by Paul McCartney BID ONLINE. RESERVE £5,000

FOR THOSE OF YOU WANTING AN INVESTMENT OR WHO JUST LOVE AND ADMIRE PAUL MCCARTNEY. Paul is one of a very few people to have an autograph that increases in value on an almost daily basis. 

Original LP released in 1986 personally signed by Paul and Linda McCartney. 21.5 x 37 inches (including frame)

Produced with Hugh Padgham, Press To Play has all the ingredients of a good McCartney album with a few new twists to keep things interesting. Much of the material is written with 10cc’s Eric Stewart, and the collaboration clearly works well. Tracks include Stranglehold, Good Times Coming, Only Love Remains, Press, Pretty Little Head, Move Over Busker, However Absurd, It's Not True and Tough On A Tightrope. 

Alicia Silverstone, actress & vegan (Clueless, Batman & Robin, Excess Baggage, Blast from the Past)  BID ONLINE          

1997 MTV Movie Awards bomber jacket, signed on its padded orange lining – truly a one-off

Viva! auction

Super cool and super warm, this slate grey bomber jacket, with the '1997 MTV Movie Awards' logo on the right sleeve, is signed by Alicia.

Silverstone proves that you can be glamorous, beautiful….and vegan!!  Alicia took the step from eating meat to going vegan .."for moral reasons. I said, "I'm a hypocrite. I'm eating meat and I'm an animal rights person and it doesn't make any sense. So I stopped - my skin became clear, I lost all this weight, I also had energy and was sleeping well.” So, there you go – a fantastic advert for good vegan living if ever I heard one!

Exclusive print by Jeremy Cunningham of The Levellers

Exclusive print by Jeremy Cunningham of The Levellers

Go ahead, make our day and bid for this rockin’ one-of-a-kind print by Jeremy Cunningham from The Levellers. Originally designed as a Christmas card for Viva!, this arresting turkey print is framed in black ash wood with a triple mount and will make a great statement on any wall. Includes Jeremy’s initial sketches for the card on the reverse. Framed print is 20.52’’ x 24.5’’ (52cm x 62cm).

'My main reason for going veggie was to opt out, just like I’ve opted out in other ways. I’ve rejected the cruelty and the politics that lie behind it all.'  - Jeremy Cunningham

Read the full interview with Jeremy in Viva!life here.


Viva! t-shirt signed by Hayley Mills

Viva! auction


Mauve Vegan Handbag by Freerangers , vegan footwear and bag company



Lovely for our 20th anniversary

Viva!life – 8 magazines over many years featuring interviews with celebs and signed on the front covers by them, includes:

  • Benjamin Zephaniah
  • Jenny Seagrove
  • Hayley Mills
  • Twiggy
  • Jeremy Cunningham
  • Heather Mills
  • Joanna Lumley
  • Juliet (with Paul McCartney signed only by Juliet, sorry!)


George Clooney photo framed with original signature (and authentication paper)


Painting of Ram by artist Marion Shimeld

Viva! auction

Now age 90, Marion was studied art at Liverpool. She has painted for many years, selling her work successfully for decades. The ram is a specific breed of sheep, boreray, native to St Kilda.


John Robb – signed book and album  

Signed copy of Punk Rock An Oral History

John has hit the road and interviewed people who cultivated punk rock. Weaving together their voices he has created an unprecedented, raw and outspoken oral history.


Album ‘The Dangers of Evil Blizzard’ by Evil Blizzard on LIMITED EDITION PINK VINYL


John Robb – signed book and album:

Signed copy of Punk Rock An Oral History


Signed album by John’s band, Goldblade: ‘Mutiny’. On Vinyl White in a limited run of 500.


Photograph x 2 - taken on the evening with Viva! patrons  

Wendy Turner Webster, Michael Mansfield QC; Jenny Seagrove, John Robb, Jasmine Harman, Kerry McCarthy MP and director & founder Juliet Gellatley. To be presented framed.

A unique memory to be cherished of this special evening – with special people!!

Set of 2

Actor and Viva! Patron, Jerome Flynn, Signed photo and signed Talk to the Animals CD – featuring Jerome.


The Green Man by Phil McCulloch-Downs BID ONLINE

Highest bid to date: £450.00

The keeper of the forest

The guardian of the green

The spirit of the woodland world

The man who walks unseen

A brilliant painting by Viva!’s highly-talented Philip McCulloch-Downs will be auctioned at our anniversary dinner with all proceeds going towards our campaigns animals. Acrylic on canvas, it measures 20in by 16in.

Philip gives his rationale for his vibrant painting: “I was originally inspired to paint an early version of the Green Man in 2002 after attending the ceremony marking the opening of the new Viva! Offices in Bristol. I was moved and horrified by the speeches made about factory farming which starkly highlighted the facts.

“This formative event in my artistic and everyday life eventually lead to a change in my painting themes, as well as to my becoming vegan. It also, of course, inspired me to volunteer at the Viva! office, which then led to a full-time job. After more than a decade working here as the merchandising officer it is a great pleasure to be able to offer my very latest artwork - a new version of The Green Man - for auction to raise money for the organisation that genuinely changed my life.”

On the back of the picture and on the frame is poem by Philip about the Green Man, a few lines of which appear above.

Can’t make it to the dinner? You can still enter a bid online here


Zeena Thompson; three Superhero paintings, drawn especially for Viva!’s 20th anniversary 

Artist, Zeena Thompson, has chosen the theme of animal superheroes, for our 20th anniversary. She wants to highlight the plight of endangered species and how eating farmed animals is the biggest single destroyer of wildlife. Zeena is a popular artist who has a beautiful style and we are very grateful to her for contributing to our auction.

Superhero number 1

Zeena says: “The picture is 7.4 inches x 9.2 inches. The breathtaking, heroic Sumatran tiger is the last of Indonesia's tigers. Due to massive deforestation and appalling poaching they are under serious threat and though measures are being put in place to protect them, fewer than 400 survive. Unless we step in further and be heroes alongside these incredible creatures, we are in danger of losing them forever.

I used watercolour paints as a basis and then biro on top to draw him.”

Superheroes 2 LIONS and 3 WOLVES will be at the auction.


Natalie Portman’s vegan size 3 boots (as pictured in Marie Claire) BID ONLINE

Respected around the world as a brilliant actress, Natalie won the 2010 Academy Award and her second Golden Globe award for her role as a dancer in Black Swan. In 2005, she won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Closer. Other films include V for Vendetta;  The Other Boleyn Girl alongside Scarlett Johansson,several Star Wars filmsAnywhere But HereWhere the Heart Is

"Part of my reason for being vegetarian was because it practices respect and love for life all through the day, so three times a day, you make a decision to eat things that have not been killed."