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Viva! (incorporating Viva!Health) has been producing easy-to-read, informative guides on all the vegetarian and vegan issues since 1994! We have an enthusiastic and dedicated team of nutritionists, campaigners, health researchers and cookery know-it-all’s who produce and update our wonderful materials from scratch. We sell over 2000 guides a year, not to mention the hundreds we hand out FREE to schools, business and at talks, demos and events.

See some content samples (below) from our most recent guide 'Everyone's Going Dairy-Free' (published April 2014):

Everyone's Going Dairy-Free Sampler & Everyone's Going Dairy-Free Recipe Sampler

We are now taking bookings for our new Viva! guide 'Why You Don't Need Dairy'. 

Written by Viva!’s director & founder – Juliet Gellatley, this guide is set to be the definitive, go-to guide for those who want to ditch the white stuff, get informed (& healthy!) and find tasty alternatives. 

About Why You Don’t Need Dairy

  • Substantial print run of 15,000 copies
  • Publication date of May 2014
  • A5 Portrait, Full Colour, 40+ pages
  • Affordably priced at £2 RRP

What’s inside

  • Covers the impact of milk on our health
  • Its connections to ‘Western diseases’ from cancers and heart disease to osteoporosis and acne
  • The disturbing truth about the life of dairy cows and calves
  • Where to get calcium and all the nutrients you need on a dairy-free diet

How we’re promoting this guide

  • Targeted media releases and promotional articles in health journals
  • Through our tri-annual, 52 page magazine Viva!life - sent to over 15,000 members
  • Sold via Viva! Shop online - 35,000 views per month
  • Available to download from our websites &
  • Available to purchase at Viva! attended national, regional and local events including Viva!’s
  • Incredible Veggie Roadshows, VegfestUK, and more
  • Distributed in our new Dairy Free Info Packs (to be launched at VegfestUK Bristol, May 2014)

Download the latest booking form to promote your products/services in this guide.