Kris Townsend, Social Media Coordinator, Podcast Presenter | Viva!

Kris Townsend, Social Media Coordinator, Podcast Presenter

Kris Townsend, Outreach Coordinator

Kris Townsend, Outreach Coordinator

What I do

My role is to increase veganism in the UK and to increase the support of Viva!

I do this by developing and promoting successful digital marketing campaigns and raising the profile of Viva!, Viva!Health and Vegan Recipe Club via digital media.

Previously I spent many years running a record label, producing music and hosting a radio show and due to this experience, I also produce and host the Viva! monthly podcast which is a great way of sharing our message and engaging with people.

I also attend all our Viva Vegan Festivals and work with our membership stand to engage with people, increase understanding of what Viva! do and as a result increase yearly memberships.

Due to my health / cookery background from running the Bristol Health Hub, I also assist with the food and cookery side of Viva! Vegan Recipe Club. This includes doing cookery demos to show how easy it can be to eat delicious food that is cruelty-free.

If you want to get in touch, you can email me at

Working at Viva!

I am so proud to be working at Viva! as I feel I can really help work towards a kinder planet.  To know that my role at Viva! contributes towards saving animals from cruelty, reducing planetary environmental pollution and helping people live a healthier lifestyle gives me a sense of fulfilment and purpose that can be harnessed even more so when I am surrounded by the Viva! team.

I believe anything is possible when we work together as we all share a deep commitment with a common goal to promote veganism and primarily stop animal cruelty.

I went vegan because…

It just makes no sense not too! Firstly my driver was to protect the animals and as I started researching more into the benefits of veganism, the reasons were added: protecting and preserving the environment and our planet for the next generation, being an example to my own children of how to live compassionately and with nature and of course not forgetting my own health, without, none of which would be possible!

My favourite vegetable

Kale! If Popeye knew about Kale, he certainly wouldn’t be eating spinach! No disrespect intended of course to Spinach but Kale is among the most nutrient-dense foods in existence - iron, vitamins A, C, K and more and the best news is, it’s right on my doorstep making it my favourite super food without the air miles!