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20 Years - Saving Animals and Making Headlines

20 years of saving animals

OUR UNDERCOVER WORK is one of the most important things Viva! does. It exposes animal suffering, shatters mythical images and shows people exactly what happens to the animals they eat.

Ignorance is the greatest obstacle to change. When people don’t know – or don’t want to know – it is Viva! who shatters their complacency. How, otherwise, do consumers get to see behind the closed doors of factory farms and slaughterhouses? The Government doesn’t show them and neither does the industry but we do – and that is why the picture stories we place in national and regional media are so vital.

How can we bear to go inside these places? Because we know that millions of people will see the heartbreaking images we go undercover to gather. In fact, over our 20-years existence, we have reached hundreds of millions of people in the UK and beyond.

Experience has taught us how to skilfully target the media and we have established excellent contacts with journalists on some of the biggest titles. Partly as a consequence, meat consumption continues its long-term decline and we, in our 20th anniversary year, can proudly say: “Viva! has played an enormous part in this.” And it is why, with your continuing support, we will carry on going inside the shameful places that abuse animals.

Our film Cruel Britannia shows some of the highlights (lowlights) from the past two decades. You, our supporters, made this possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you.














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20 years of saving animals