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What we do

Our work

  • Crocodiles are taken from the wild confined in an unnatural habitat for the rest of their lives. Just for a novelty meat.

  • Britain’s favourite wild bird has been forced out of the ponds and crammed in their thousands into factory farms. No water, no life!

  • Global warming, water pollution and many more environmental issues are closely tied to the food we eat.

  • Most animals bred for meat in Britain are factory farmed. Find out why we say Cruel Britannia.

  • Some people who give up eating meat continue to eat fish in the belief that is less cruel. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • The best way to end animal suffering is to go vegan - or at least take steps in that direction.

  • Think goat's milk is kinder? Think again. More mutilations, early death and suffering.

  • Viva!'s campaign has helped to save 70,000 annually. Every year, 30,000 'meat' horses leave Poland for Italian abbatoirs.


About us

"Love animals, don't eat them!" Juliet Gellatley, founder & director, Viva!

Viva! is an active, vivacious organisation fighting to stop cruelty and harm to animals. We rely on public donations for our campaigns and outreach.

We promote and celebrate veganism - because exploiting and killing animals is wrong on many levels. Most farmed animals spend their short and miserable lives in the filth of factory farms and are killed with sickening barbarity. We expose this abuse by secretly going inside these shameful places and filming the suffering – publicising it with nationwide campaigns that bring about change.

  • Viva! also monitors the latest research from all over the world on health, and we have a very active arm, Viva!Health, showing how our diet can cause or prevent chronic diseases
  • We also help people change their diet, offering reassurance and practical advice. We provide info on every aspect of going towards or being vegan. People change at their own pace, we understand that!
  • Viva! also campaigns on the environmental devastation wrought by the meat, fish and dairy industries
  • Viva! organises demonstrations, events and imaginative national and local campaigns
  • Viva! needs your support to end the shame of animal suffering, to protect the planet and stop the killing

Viva! welcomes everyone on board! Our supporters are from every walk of life, with every type of diet but all on the same path towards a saner, wiser, kinder world.