Hope Apple Blossom


Mia Snuffles; Lily Bubbles; Poppy Pig; Tom Rocket; Jack Wigglinson; Lucas Scamp


Thank you so much to all the entrants. We really enjoyed reading all your suggested names!

They were so good we’ve named them twice! (We have decided to give each piggy a first and surname.) We decided on a theme of giving the piglets a first name that is in the top 20 for most popular names in the UK so that as many people as possible connect with the names (and hopefully the piglets) and giving second names that are more descriptive and well, piggy!

The winner for each name will receive one of the fabulous piggy hampers. Where lots of you suggested the same name, we have picked one winner from a hat – all the runners-up will be getting a small piggy gift on the way to them too! 

Please share - and shout out that you are a winner!

If you want to adopt the pig you have named – this will be available soon and we will email you with a link.



Hope Apple Blossom

Winner for Hope: Jo Makowski

Runners-up for Hope: Maria Rossiter, Sarah Wood, Kate Bell, Anna Puzerek, Robert De Silva, Peter Boyle, Amanda Bartlett, Melissa J Smith, Louise Carter

Winner for Apple: Emma Letessier

Winner for Blossom: Anne Davies

Runners-up for Blossom:  Barbara Schmiedl


Three girls:

Mia Snuffles

Winner for Mia: Maria Nikolava

Winner for Snuffles: Julie Palmer


Lily Bubbles

Winner for Lily: Victoria Eshen

Runners-up for Lily: Saba Mirshafiei, Sherrie Panda, “Criley3llzze”, Janet Walter, Laura Reynolds

Winner for Bubbles: Ayrton Mus-Musculus


Poppy Pig

Winner for Poppy: Louise Gilmour

Runners-up for Poppy: Lisa Owen, Judi Harvey, Sara Carly, Marie Patterson, Denise Lysaght, Andrea Clement, Cass Courtney


Three boys:

Tom Rocket

Winner for Tom: Avril E Sims

Runners-up for Tom: Linus Lawrence, Lisa Owen

Winner for Rocket: Jo Amesbury


Jack Wigglinson

Winner for Jack: Robyn Murphy

Winner for Wigglinson: Charlotte Whiting


Lucas Scamp

Winner for Lucas: Anne Stewart

Winner for Scamp: Julie Palmer


Whilst this Mum and her piglets are safe, most pigs in Britain are still factory farmed and sent to slaughter. Will you Face Off the British pig industry with Viva!?

For more photos, videos and more of the rescue piglets and their Mum click here!

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