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Chicken - Eggs

Egg farm investigation

Hatcheries: killing houses for males

Our undercover investigators have been inside two of Britain's biggest chick hatcheries.

Male chick killing, female mutilations and intensive, cramped conditions - all part of the egg industry. Find out more and watch the shocking footage.

Not so 'free range' - or 'happy' for that matter

Most free range is now so intensive that it's just another type of factory farming. We investigated the Happy Egg Company and what we found shocked us. Find out why here.

Enriched? You decide ...

Around 50 per cent of hens in Britain are still caged. Old-style battery cages are now illegal, but our undercover investigators found that the so-called 'enriched' cages are little better. Find out more.


The answer is easy. Stop eating eggs and go vegan!

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Campaign victories

Campaign materials

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What is bird flu?

Bird flu is an infectious disease of birds caused by type A strains of the influenza...

Video footage

Bristol, Easter 2011.
Watch Viva!'s shocking undercover...

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