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Dump dairy. Save a badger.

LATEST (December 2014): Because the past two 'culls' have repeatedly failed to meet their targets, the Government is now considering plans for mass killings in summer months to target badger cubs. All this to appease the bloody dairy industry for a mess of its own making. Read the latest in The Guardian. Could you still drink milk knowing that they are killing badger cubs? Join the dairy boycott today.

Sadly, badgers were shot last year in two areas of England as part of a terminally misguided attempt to control TB in cattle. In 2014, licences have been issued for the killing to continue this Autumn. Badgers are scapegoats for farmers' failings and outrageous political backslapping.

During the so-called 'cull', thousands met a violent end at the end of a gun in a mass slaughter driven by the dairy industry. Read more. See the video above for our recent Bristol demo, where Viva!'s founder and director Juliet Gellatley says why people should boycott dairy to save badgers. Read about our demo and see the press coverage.

Please help us spread the message that one of the best ways to save badgers is to dump dairy and tell others why you're doing it. We have produced our new Dump Dairy – Save a Badger leaflets (PDF) and posters. You can still get involved: order your free materials for door-dropping or stalls today.

Find out more about Viva!'s campaigns for badgers and please pledge to boycott dairy today. Over 4,000 people have already pledged to dump dairy to save badgers - costing the industry an estimated £2.7 million a year so far!

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Badgers are under imminent threat in Britain. Scapegoats for farmers' failings and outrageous political backslapping.
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