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New Report Says Danish Pigs Beaten Black and Blue
UK is one of the biggest importers of Danish pig meat
The mega pig prisons are on their way unless we ACT NOW!
Viva! Investigation Reveals Suffering on Tesco Pig Farm

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The British pig industry

There are around 4.9 million pigs alive in Britain at any one time. Of those most are factory farmed...

When not in the crate, sows used for breeding are kept separate from those used for meat, most commonly in concrete pens. Sows have a...

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Investigation into Bourne Farm, Piddlehinton,...
Filmed in March 2007, Heather Mills tells...
For more information please contact Justin...

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Almost all the bacon, ham, pork and pork sausages sold in the UK is from intensive production.

Our government is urging you to eat more British pork and bacon. Why? Because Britain has the best animal welfare standards in the world, they claim!