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Latest news: March 2015

Sarah Chilvers, the Support Group Coordinator for Swindon Animals Asia Support Group, asked for Viva!'s help in making Swindon foie-gras free. They just scored their first victory when a local restaurant finally agreed to drop foie-gras. Read the press coverage here

Sarah told Viva!: "We are a local group of animals lovers in Swindon who last year started a campaign to persuade The Weighbridge Restaurant to take foie-gras off its menu. We began by asking Viva! to send a letter and dvd to the restaurant....then we started using Viva!'s foie -gras post cards, asking people in the town centre to sign and post them to the restaurant. This was an ongoing exercise  together with a paper petition and then last Sunday we created an online petition which got over 2000 signatures in 3 days. The local paper contacted us and went to see the owner and he has now said he will remove it from his menu due to people phoning up and cancelling bookings due to selling foie-gras. We are all overwhelmed at the number of compassionate Swindonians who have supported this campaign. Thank you."

Want to campaign locally? Viva! can help!

Viva! friend and fellow activist Fiona Munro campaigned for a place near her to take foie-gras off the menu - and it worked!

She told her local paper: "It is fantastic to see Rockliffe Hall take foie-gras off the menu and I really hope other top places will do the same. A lot people think foie-gras is a luxury, exclusive item, but if you look to see how it is made there is nothing humane about it. It is deemed the world’s most cruel food."

Want to campaign locally? Viva! can help!

RESULT! Chapter One in Farnborough dumps foie-gras after peaceful campaign by local campaigners Passive Pressure supported by Viva!:

The group's Jan Yarker told us: "We were all set to take action again outside Chapter One restaurant in Farnborough Village, Kent, to ask them to remove foie gras from their festive menu. Prior to the demo we phoned to ask if they had yet made the decision to take foie gras off the menu as we had been in communication with them since the vigil in November and they had told us it was under discussion.

They told us they have decided not to use it again and have confirmed in writing.. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in the action by phoning, emailing and taking part in the vigil.

Thanks also to Justin Kerswell at Viva! who provided us with the valuable information we needed to be able to give Chapter One the true facts about the French production of foie gras."

December 2014

Viva! has been featured in the Mirror’s new investigation into a foie-gras producer in France that supplied celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal. The conditions reported shocked him so much that he dumped that supplier. Join us in telling him that it doesn't go far enough - and if he is serious about rejecting foie-gras cruelty he should stop serving it full stop!

May 2014 - York is still foie-gras free thanks to you! Find out more.

Viva! has launched a campaign to urge the Government to ban the importation of foie-gras in light of the recent upholding by the World Trade Organisation of the EU-wide ban on seal products. We believe that this now makes an import ban more achievable. That is why we need your support to help stop this terrible cruelty. Please sign and share our petition.

Not a single supermarket in Denmark now sells foie-gras after chain Superbest (who had previously been the biggest seller in the country) dumped it. All-in-all 2,500 stores across the country have now prohibited its sale!

The news comes from Danish animal group Anima who stepped up campaigning in light of the major press and public outrage caused by Viva! and L214’s joint investigation into undercover footage obtained  from a French producer (who previously supplied Gordon Ramsay). This shocking footage (see below for the link) made major headlines in Scandinavian press and was shown to millions on television. It even led to Denmark’s top chef publicly dumping it.

And now our friends from NOAH have told us the good news that supermarket chains in Norway are also now dumping foie-gras! Thank you for helping make this possible.

eBay are the last online retail giant in Britain seemingly willing to profit off the sale of what are essentially the diseased livers of tortured birds. All major UK supermarkets have taken the ethical decision not to sell foie-gras and - thanks to you - Amazon dumped it because of the 10,000 signatures collected by Viva!. Read the report on Viva!'s new campaign in the Daily Mirror.

So, what is foie-gras still doing for sale on eBay? Sign the online petition today and tell them to drop foie-gras cruelty.

Footage taken inside a foie-gras producer shows suffering on an almost unimaginable scale and has sparked a joint investigation by Viva! and French group L214. The film is some of the most disturbing and heart-breaking we have seen in our 20 year history.

It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that foie-gras production is so barbaric that it should have no place on British menus.Gordon Ramsay dumped them as a supplier but continues to serve it from other suppliers. Watch the shocking footage and contact Gordon Ramsay and ask him to stop serving all foie-gras. Read some of the major national press coverage.

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Foie-gras free Britain
SUCCESS!: May 2014 - York Food Festival - although they state that they will not take a position...
Foie-gras free Britain
In 2007, York was the first city in the UK to ban foie-gras from council buildings. In...
Foie-gras free Britain
You can’t do better than have the entire front page of the Daily Mirror supporting you...
Foie-gras free Britain
ANIMAL CHARITY VIVA! and one of its patrons are calling on online marketplace eBay to follow...
Foie-gras free Britain
Foie-gras is produced by force-feeding ducks and geese so much food that their livers expand by...