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Cracked Campaign

Our undercover investigators have been inside two of Britain's biggest chick hatcheries.

40 million chicks killed every year in Britain

We discovered that up to 40 million male chicks are killed every year at just a day or two old. The industry has no use for them because they don't lay eggs and are too 'skinny' for meat.

On a conveyor belt to death

Free-range, Organic and intensive

Intensive, organic or free range, it is all the same. This never-ending slaughter continues simply because people eat eggs.

Males can't lay eggs (and are too skinny for meat) so most are minced alive ...

... those that aren't minced alive will be gassed in machines that process thousands of baby chicks every single hour

Female chick mutilation

Their sisters suffer painful mutilations to facilitate factory farming practices

Life isn't much better for their baby sisters - routine mutilation in which most have the tips of their beaks painfully sliced off. It's done to stop them from damaging each other in the overcrowded hell that awaits them. It doesn't work as feather pecking and cannibalism are commonplace.

Life is short and most are killed at 72 weeks - a fraction of their natural lifespan. All because they start to lay fewer eggs.

Read more and watch our disturbing hatchery investigation footage

The answer is easy. Stop eating eggs and go vegan!

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… millions of baby chicks are minced alive or gassed every...

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Cracked Campaign
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Cracked Campaign
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