Vegetarians International Voice for Animals

Kim Basinger

If you could feel or see the suffering you wouldn't think twice. Give back life. Don't eat meat."

The Oscar-winning film actress, famous for her role in L.A. Confidential, is a passionate animal rights activist and has been involved in many of PETA's campaigns. 

Basinger made her film debut in the 1981 western drama Hard Country with Jan-Michael Vincent. Two years later, her career started to skyrocket with Never Say Never Again starring Sean Connery. More major film projects soon followed, including 9 1/2 Weeks with Mickey Rourke and Batman with Michael Keaton. In 2002, she made an appearance in the rap drama 8 Mile, starring Eminem. Two years later, she co-starred with Jeff Bridges in The Door in the Floor and with Chris Evans and Jason Statham in the thriller Cellular. Basinger's later films include Charlie St. Cloud (2010) with Zac Efron and Grudge Match (2013) with Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone.