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Unlike Babe the movie star, pigs can't talk. If they could, they'd have plenty to say. This is the story of one real piglet - and millions of others like him.

"Metal - that's the first thing I saw in my life. Metal walls, metal floor and bars. Behind the bars was my mum, all laid out on the hard slats - no bedding of any kind. She bent her head round and tried to lick me clean but couldn't reach.

"A few days later, a man with a knife and pair of pliers came. He crushed two of my sharpest  teeth then castrated me and cut off my tail. I didn't know why and all I can remember is the terrible pain. All over the pig house was the sound of squealing, screaming piglets.

After only three weeks everything changed. I was grabbed and pushed into a barren box with a crowd of other piglets. We were too little to leave our mums and we huddled together, frightened and alone. We had no straw to lie on, nothing to play with and nothing to do. I just felt a terrible emptiness.

"It was nine weeks before we were moved again, to where I am now.  This concrete stall is filthy and crowded. We even sleep on the concrete in the stench of our own droppings. We all feel like screaming and fights keep breaking out. I feel sorry for the weak ones who just get bullied all the time and can't escape.

"A man has just sprayed a blue cross on my back which means tomorrow I'm going to die. Tomorrow I'll be turned into pork and ham, bacon and sausages. I'm only five months old and I've never seen trees or fields, I've never felt the rain or the warmth of the sun. My life has been horrible and no one cares."



  Actor James Cromwell who played farmer Hoggett in Babe hopes the films put everyone off their bacon. He says "If any kid ever realised what was involved in factory farming they would never touch meat again. I was so moved by the intelligence, sense of fun and personalities of the animals I worked with on Babe that by the end of the film I was vegetarian.