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Media releases

Release date:
Tue, 20/03/2012

Statement from animal group Viva!, who have been campaigning against the decisions to 'cull' wildlife in England and Wales since 2008 - as

John Griffiths (AM) has announced at the Senedd that Wales will not employ badger 'culling' as part of its policy to tackle TB spread in cattle.

Release date:
Wed, 14/03/2012

DEMANDS are being made of Government health experts to conduct urgent research into the risk to human health posed by a new deadly sheep virus sweeping the country.

Release date:
Thu, 23/02/2012

GOVERNMENTS in both England and Wales are being called upon to examine whether hunting is linked to the spread of TB in cattle by a leading animal group.

Release date:
Mon, 23/01/2012

A BRISTOL garden and leisure centre has been congratulated by campaigning animal group Viva! for dropping foie-gras made from the livers of force-fed ducks, from its food hall.

Release date:
Tue, 20/12/2011

Viva! calls for ban on 'cruel practices'

LEADING animal group Viva! are calling on the Government to end the painful mutilation of British piglets this Christmas after filming the practice on a British farm in the past few months.