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Media releases

Release date:
Mon, 21/02/2005

Vegetarians are sexier than meat eaters! One gem amongst many from the Incredible Veggie Roadshow, which comes to Manchester this March, fronted by a very fruity lady.

Release date:
Wed, 16/02/2005

The latest Far Eastern outbreak of bird flu (H5N1) has spread beyond its source in Vietnam with the death of a Cambodian woman.

Release date:
Mon, 14/02/2005

Everything you ever wanted to know about going, being or staying veggie/vegan will be on tap at the Cross Street Chapel, Cross Street, Manchester on Saturday 26 March 2005, from

Release date:
Wed, 02/02/2005

The Jolly Thresher pub, in Lymm, Cheshire, has announced that it has withdrawn from sale all kangaroo meat after an approach from international animal campaign group, Viva! Viva!

Release date:
Mon, 31/01/2005

People queued in the street to gain entry to the Shirley Methodist Church for Viva!'s Incredible Veggie Roadshow last Saturday 29 January.