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Media releases

Release date:
Mon, 14/03/2005

Self indulgence, pleasure and a tickling of the taste buds is being offered to the people of Manchester in an attempt to get them to change their diet and go veggie.

Release date:
Thu, 10/03/2005

Animal-borne diseases an increasing threat to human health

While governments prepare for a deadly human pandemic of bird flu, people are feeling worried, confused and impotent, claims campaign group, Viva!

Release date:
Wed, 09/03/2005

Campaign group accuses Government of failing animals

The Government has just announced that it will not now or in the future ban ritual, religious slaughter for the Jewish and Muslim faiths, where animals have their throats cut while they are fully

Release date:
Mon, 28/02/2005

Every person who goes veggie makes an immediate contribution to reducing pollution and lessening world hunger!

Release date:
Mon, 21/02/2005

The BBC is failing in its supposed role as a public service broadcaster, says the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation ([url=http://www.vegetarian.org