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Media releases

Release date:
Thu, 23/02/2006

Shia and Sunni divisions hit UK as Taliban fundamentalists target animal slaughter

A state veterinary officer has blown the whistle on a radical new Islamic group which is demanding that UK slaughterhouses change the way they kill animals for Halal meat.

Release date:
Wed, 22/02/2006

The focus on wild birds in the hysteria surrounding bird flu is a deliberate distraction from the true source of the disease " modern poultry farming " claims vegetarian campaigns group

Release date:
Sun, 12/02/2006

Stockport-born Juliet Gellatley is founder and director of the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation and Viva!, Europe's largest vegetarian/vegan campaigning organisation.

Release date:
Tue, 31/01/2006

David Beckham has ditched his controversial kangaroo skin football boots for synthetic ones following a four year campaign by international animal group Viva!.

Release date:
Tue, 24/01/2006

Crispy duck'- the most popular dish in the UK's Chinese restaurants " contains just as much health-damaging fat as a deep fried Mars bar, claims the campaign group, Viva!.