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Media releases

Release date:
Tue, 21/03/2006

There'll be no flowers or chocolates for Britain's hardest working mother this Mother's Day, and she'll never get to see any of her babies grow up.

Release date:
Fri, 17/03/2006

Photos available from Viva!'s photocall Hi-res photos can be viewed and downloaded from the following webpage: http://www.viva.org.uk/endoft

Release date:
Tue, 14/03/2006

Britain's biggest supermarket has been censured by Trading Standards for using pictures on its own packaging that misleads customers.

Release date:
Thu, 09/03/2006

A mass protest against the export of live calves to European veal crates " a highly-controversial trade with serious animal welfare considerations " is being called for by the UK's l

Release date:
Wed, 01/03/2006

David Beckham's recent decision to dump his Adidas kangaroo-leather football boots in favour of synthetic ones may have come too late for the kangaroos, says the animal group, Viva!