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Thu, 01/12/2011

COUNCIL leaders in Bath have become the first in the Westcountry to ban the controversial 'delicacy' foie-gras from menus in their premise

[img][/img]Bath and North East Somerset Council received

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Wed, 19/10/2011

THERE will be no meat-free days in French Schools for six million children following a new decree from the French Government - all school students will have to eat meat if they want lunch at schoo

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Sun, 09/10/2011

Viva! and AWPC celebrate “Kicking Cruelty Out of Football

Having cleared UK supermarket shelves of kangaroo meat, UK-based Viva! then turned its attention to kangaroo leather, attacking Adidas for its use in top-of-the-range football boots. Viva!

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Wed, 28/09/2011

ANIMAL lovers from Bristol will be taking part in a national Day of Action to raise awareness of the death of male calves in the dairy industry tomorrow (Thursday, September 29).

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Fri, 16/09/2011

EMMY nominee Kate Winslet has come under massive criticism from Europe's largest veggie campaigning group, Viva!, after callously gloating in the American press about butchering a chicken.