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Viva! Photocall - Change Your Diet to Save the World, says Heather Mills

Viva! patron launches environment campaign with candid advertising campaign

Release date: 
Monday, November 19, 2007

Viva! Photocall - Change Your Diet to Save the World, says Heather Mills

Viva! patron launches environment campaign with candid advertising campaign

Viva! is to launch a national HOT! campaign to help save the environment at 11.30am on Monday, November 19 at Speakers' Corner in London's Hyde Park. Its central theme is that the most effective action individuals can take to reduce global warming and other environmental catastrophes is to change their diet ? move away from meat, dairy and other animal products and move towards a plant-based diet.

Launching the HOT! campaign will be Heather Mills, a patron of Viva!, who also features in two leaflets and two billboard ads. One concentrates on meat-eaters? role in causing global warming and carries the headline: ?Hey Meaty, you?re making me so hot!? Another is aimed at people - and organisations - who call themselves environmentalists but still eat meat, fish and dairy. It has the headline: ?You haven?t got a leg to stand on!?

The statistics underlining this campaign are drawn from the United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation 2006 report,Livestock?s Long Shadow, and Viva!'s own report, Diet of Disaster. They establish that livestock are the second biggest cause of greenhouse gases at 18 per cent ? compared to 13.5 per cent from all the world?s different modes of transport combined. They are the major cause of both species extinctions and the felling of tropical forests ? 70 per cent of the cleared Amazon is used for grazing and the other 30 per cent for growing animal fodder, with Europe as the biggest importer.

"The startling truth is that animals farmed for meat and dairy are now one of the greatest threats to the planet" says Heather Mills. "They are at the heart of almost all the world's environmental catastrophes. Viva! has been saying this for years and now the UN has confirmed it with a report so detailed that it can't be ignored - except by government. It remains silent and continues to pour huge subsidies into meat and dairy farming.

"Fortunately, as individuals we don't have to wait for anyone. You can end your involvement in this vandalism overnight and help to secure our children's future. All you need do is change your diet - it's that simple. Change your diet - change the world!"

Other celebrities will be throwing their weight behind the campaign as it progresses.

For further information contact:

Tony Wardle 0117 944 1000; mob 07971 622606 (author of Diet of Disaster; associate director of Viva!)
Juliet Gellatley 0117 944 1000; mob 07971 425508 (main contact for interviews with Heather; editor of Diet of Disaster and founder & director of Viva!)
Justin Kerswell 0117 944 1000; mob 07862 173377 (campaigns manager, Viva!)
From Monday, 19 November: go to www.viva.org.uk/hot/media for hi res images of the billboards, leaflets, photos of Heather Mills, report Diet of Disaster