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Veggie dog food

Tales from veggie doggie diners

If you are exploring the possibilities of veggie and vegan diets in your family, you may wonder whether it is possible for your dog to go meat-free too. The answer is yes! Viva!’s Felicity Richards chats to three Viva! supporters who have delightful doggies to prove it and Damien Eadie, manager of Veggie Pets.

What is in pet food?

Most commercial pet foods contain by-products of the slaughter industry – such as animal hair, feet, ears, noses, tails, fat, diseased organs and chicken beaks – which is then padded out with sawdust and fillers.

Vegetarian dog food, on the other hand, contains ingredients such as potatoes, carrots, oat groats, sunflower oil, peas, brown rice, tomatoes, avocados, blueberries, cranberries, corn, linseed, soya and maize – yum!

The best for health

Viva! receive a lot of phone calls from people who have adopted a cruelty-free diet, and are unhappy that animals are continuing to die for the dinner on their pet’s plate.

Be re-assured, dogs do not need meat to be fighting fit and healthy.

“Despite their fearsome teeth, dogs are omnivorous so, as long as they get all the nutrients they need, they don’t have to eat meat!” says Damian.

“In fact, some common doggy health problems, such as obesity, arthritis and skin and fur problems can be alleviated by cutting out meat,” he adds.

Complete vegetarian dog foods are well balanced and nutritious, supplying all of the essential nutrition your dog needs. Or with good planning, you can even adapt your own veggie meals to feed your dog! Damian agrees that veggie dogs can be happier and healthier than their meatguzzling counterparts, just like humans!

He says: “Many people tell us that their dogs seem to have fewer problems as they get older on a veggie diet and that vets often comment on their dog’s fitness and shiny coat! In one case, a dog who had a serious problem with epilepsy was switched to one of our foods. The epilepsy stopped immediately and he hasn’t had a seizure for the last two years and is enjoying life again.”

For more information about switching your dog to a healthy, wholesome veggie diet, check out the tips and products at or call 0239 245 3355