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Pop Stars/Musicians

Tempa T

"If you think that not eating meat is going to make you look scrawny or ...more


I don’t believe human beings are designed to eat meat, I believe that meat is ...more


I stopped eating animals. Why? Education."more

Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)

It’s just a healthier way of living that was inspired by my wife several years ...more

Jim Kerr

I got a Saturday job; I used to clean the back store of a butcher’s ...more

Tim Burgess (The Charlatans)

I did it because of the band Crass. They taught me about how meat was ...more

Mark Ronson

Did the experience (of working with Paul McCartney) change me? Yes, it turned me into ...more

Alistair Stobbard (10,000 Things)

It happened through common sense really. I realised that by still eating eggs and dairy ...more

Miley Cyrus

There is nothing more beautiful than eating a meat free gluten free dairy free cheeseburger ...more
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