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Pop Stars/Musicians


I just learned at a young age and stopped eating some things. As far as ...more

Masta Killa

Growing up I didn’t really like meat. It was kind of forced on me. You’re ...more


I had animals as friends, who were happy to see me in their own animal way. I'm ...more

Danny Sumbler

People ask me if being vegan has health benefits. Well certainly: animals are happier and ...more

Stevie Wonder

I just made the decision that I wanted to stop eating meat, so I just ...more

Tony Kanal

I’ve always just loved animals and you just start making the connection between what you’re ...more

Tempa T

"If you think that not eating meat is going to make you look scrawny or ...more


I don’t believe human beings are designed to eat meat, I believe that meat is ...more


I stopped eating animals. Why? Education."more

Bill Ward (Black Sabbath)

It’s just a healthier way of living that was inspired by my wife several years ...more
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