Cory Booker - US Politician & New Jersey Senator

Being vegan for me is a cleaner way of not participating in practices that don’t ...more

Henry Smith - Conservative MP

The environmental argument for being vegetarian is significant. The carbon footprint of the average vegetarian ...more

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party

As a vegetarian all my adult life, I have used my position in parliament to ...more

Natalie Bennett - leader of the Green Party

I really don’t miss meat. We should not be feeding grain to livestock in large ...more

Al Gore - US Vice President from 1993 to 2001

I changed my diet to a vegan diet, really just to experiment to see what ...more

Cathy Jamieson - Labour Party MP from 2010 - 2015

I had been vegetarian for a long time for ethical reasons; I felt there was ...more

Chris Williamson - Labour Party MP from 2010 - 2015

I abhor cruelty in any form and the way in which animals are reared has ...more

Bill Clinton - US President from 1993 to 2001

I was a heart attack waiting to happen… I went on an essentially a plant-based ...more

Kerry McCarthy - Labour MP from 2005 - present

People are increasingly turning to a plant-based lifestyle and I would encourage people who are ...more