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Tim Shieff

Injustices can’t go on forever, and we’re in the midst of a massive shift. 20% ...more

Griff Whalen

Breakfast is oatmeal, fruit and whatever else I want to throw into it. And then ...more

Barny du Plessis – aka Mr Universe

Mass farming methods are disgusting, shameful, inhumane and barbaric. It is totally unsustainable and ecologically ...more

Russell Martin

When you research it and take a step back from eating any animal products you ...more

Dean Howell

Whilst I have been a vegan I have enjoyed the most successful period in my ...more

Ryan Nelson

It didn't take much more then then a couple documentaries and the ole' lady switching ...more

Will Tucker

It happened in phases for me. In 1991 I stopped eating pork, in 2000 I ...more

Torre Washington

I really didn't want to be considered a hypocrite. I wanted to make sure that ...more
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