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Boudewijn Zenden

Boudewijn "Bolo" Zenden is a retired Premier League footballer who played for Chelsea, Middlesbrough, Liverpool and Sunderland amongst others. In 2012 he replaced Eddie Newton as ex-club Chelsea's new Assistant Manager when Rafa Benitez took over as Manager.

Zenden has been vegetarian since he was 19.

Patrik Baboumian

Strongman competitor. Won title of Germany's Strongest Man and came 4th in Loglifting World Championship in 2011. Currently holds the World log lift record in the 105k-category as well as the German heavyweight log lift record (180 kg).

Baboumian went vegetarian in 2005 and has been vegan since 2011. He has inspired many people, even a butcher, who said that after seeing him on TV started thinking about what he'd been doing all his life up to that point, and decided to go vegetarian and get another job.

Peter Ebdon

Peter Ebdon is a top ranking professional snooker player and has won titles of both World Champion and UK Champion. In 2012 he adopted a vegan diet, partly to improve his sporting performance.

Neil Robertson

Neil Robertson is a top ranking professional snooker player and adopted a vegan diet ahead of his UK Championship win. He has won the triple crown of World Championship and the Masters.

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