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Viva! survey: Millions of people have no idea how their food is produced

Millions of people have no idea how their food is produced – with six in 10 admitting they didn’t realise dairy cows needed to be pregnant in order to produce milk, a study carried out for Viva! has found.

Despite 83 per cent believing they were ‘clued up’ on the processes used to get meat, dairy and eggs from the farm to our plate many are unaware what cows, pigs and chicken endure as a result.

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I can’t believe the lies about butter!

A report from the National Obesity Forum is trying to get us to put butter, cheese and beef back on the menu, but government experts and scientists are having none of it.

The Vegan New Wave

In the last year there has been a giant surge of interest in the amount of exciting, innovative vegan food being produced. From the advent of aquafaba (see below), to the improvement in meat and cheese alternatives – it’s a vegan revolution! Innovation driven by compassion. Meat and

Coconut oil… the best of a bad bunch?

Dr Justine Butler, Senior Health Researcher and Writer for Viva!Health looks into the health claims made for coconut oil and finds that although not as bad as butter and lard, polyunsaturated fats from vegetable oils are still healthier. Coconut oil is big news; featured in TV adverts, health

Red alert – Vegans Get Less Cancer!

A new study from Oxford University, looking at how diet affects cancer risk, has revealed that people who don’t eat meat have a much lower risk of getting the disease. The 15-year study followed 60,000 British men and women of which over 18,000 were vegetarians and 2,246 vegan. They found that cancer incidence was 11 per cent lower in vegetarians, but a whopping 19 per cent lower in vegans.

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30-Day Vegan Takes Over from Veganuary

30-Day Vegan Takes Over from Veganuary

The hugely successful Veganuary campaign – an invitation to people to try going vegan for the month of January – has been followed up by Viva!’s 30-day Vegan. With no date limits, this new Viva! campaign offers non-stop support to everyone who wants to try changing their diet. It’s free and all they have to do is sign up.

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LEADING vegan charity Viva!’s new short film (53 second) asks consumers to consider why most farmed animals have unhappy endings?  It concludes the positive solution to this problem is to go vegan. Viva! offers free help for people to do just that.

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