Makro under fire for selling live lobsters to be boiled alive

WHOLESALE group Makro have come under fire from animal welfare campaigners for selling live lobsters and crabs in several outlets across the UK.

Leading animal campaigning groups, Viva! and Animal Aid have joined forces to demand the company drop the practice immediately – because of the extreme distress and suffering that could be caused to the animals – who are kept crammed into tanks to be taken home and sometimes boiled alive.

Both groups are accusing Makro of washing their hands of the welfare of these live animals once they have left the stores.

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Viva! and Animal Aid have joined forces to try and persuade Makro to end the sale of live animals at the their stores across the UK.

Currently live lobsters and crabs are being sold to whoever wants them; with Makro having no control over how they are killed. Once home most are boiled or hacked apart with knives whilst still alive. It can be a prolonged and excruciating death.