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Cracked Weekend of Action!

Help us raise awareness and change attitudes by taking part in the Viva! WEEKEND OF ACTION ON 14 - 16 OCTOBER 2016! Viva! is kick-starting a Weekend of Action for laying hens as part of our new Cracked campaign on World Egg Day, Friday 14 October.

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Viva! volunteers making a difference for animals! Viva! is its supporters! Here we celebrate you and the myriad ways in which you help animals and promote veganism. Every leaflet distributed, talk or cookery demo given, podcast cast or blog blogged, video created, demo attended or every business

Viva!’s Awards for Veggie Innovation

Europe's largest vegetarian and vegan group, Viva!, is delighted to announce Red Star Hand Crafted Soaps, Vegetarian Shoes and the Redwood Wholefood Company as the recipients of their Awards for Excellence and Innovation. The Awards are a special, one-off event and part of Viva!'s celebrations of its 10th anniversary on 26 October 2004.

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