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Viva! supporters sent thousands of postcards and online messages to Mr Blumenthal reminding him that there is no such thing as ethical foie-gras – and anyone trying to produce it in the UK would be liable to find themselves prosecuted for animal cruelty. Viva! and our supporters also contacted British supermarket Waitrose, which – although it refuses to sell foie-gras on ethical grounds – was fronted by Mr Blumenthal.

Success: York Still Foie-gras Free!

SUCCESS!: May 2014 - York Food Festival - although they state that they will not take a position on the issue - have confirmed that foie-gras will not feature in any events they put on themselves and it will not feature in any festival listings of third party events. York City Council have also reiterated its commitment to ensuring that areas under its ownership and management will remain resolutely foie-gras free. Thank you to everyone who wrote! 

Ramsay's foie-gras nightmare

ANIMAL CHARITY VIVA! – who recently celebrated persuading internet giant Amazon to delist products containing foie-gras in the UK – is calling on celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay to dump the controversial food stuff after scenes of suffering were recorded on multiple French farms belonging to one of his approved suppliers.

Amazon dump ‘very unBritish’ cruelty

ANIMAL CHARITY VIVA! has today congratulated Amazon for ending the sale of controversial foie-gras in their British online marketplace.

The retail giant – the world’s largest online marketplace – has now officially prohibited its sale after pressure by the campaigning group who, earlier this year, presented the company with evidence of the abject suffering caused by its production and a petition signed by over 10,000 Amazon customers and Viva! supporters.

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